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English:Gondwana Institute for Geology and Environment (GIGE)



最近のトピックス抜粋(Some recent topics

2019年新年のご挨拶と2018年度GIGE事業報告GIGE会長)2019 Yew Year Greetings and Report of GIGE Undertakings in 2018 by GIGE President NEW

学生のヒマラヤ野外実習プログラムHP (JP) The Student Himalayan Exercise Program (EN) REVISED

第8回学生のヒマラヤ野外実習ツアー実施報告 NEW

Report of the 8th Student Himalayan Exercise Tour (English) NEW


ヒマラヤ造山帯大横断2019の発行 NEW

Publication of Traversing the Himalayan Orogen 2019 NEW


第9回学生のヒマラヤ野外実習ツアー参加者募集 NEW

Call-for-Participants for the 9th Student Himalayan Exercise Tour NEW

国際ゴンドワナ研究合2019年総会が高知市で実施決定IAGR 2019 Yearly Convention and 15th International Symposium on Gondwana to Asia  NEW

白馬村みそらの別荘地カクネ里氷河見学会・勉強会2018年9月18日Kakunesato Glacier (in Nagano Prefecture) Visit and Study Assembly in Sept. 2018


ヒマラヤ造山帯大横断2018−学生のヒマラヤ野外実習ツアー20183月の記録(吉田勝 編)の出版(20185 Publication of {Traversing the Himalayan Orogen 2018}(In Japanese with some English) (M. Yoshida, editor, May 2018).


Japan-Nepal Joint Student Himalayan Exercise Program 7 Years (英文・in English), Co-authored by M. Yoshida, K. Arita, T. Sakai, B.N. Upreti, Universal Journal of Geoscience, 7 (1), Feb. 2019,15-30.NEW


ヒマラヤ造山帯大横断2017−学生のヒマラヤ野外実習ツアー20173月の記録(吉田勝 編)の出版(20175月) Publication of {Traversing the Himalayan Orogen 2017}(In Japanese with some English) (M. Yoshida, editor, May 2017).


ネパールヒマラヤの地学ガイドブックの発行 Publication of Geo-guidebooks of the Himalaya

Geology and Natural Hazards along Kaligandaki and Highways Kathmandu-Pokhara-Butwal-Mugling: Guidebook for Student Himalayan Exercise Tour (M. Yoshida and P.D. Ulak, Editors, PDF version)の電子出版(2017年8月)

Geology and Natural Hazards along Kathmandu-Pokhara-Lumbini-Mugling Highways (M. Yoshida and P.D. Ulak Eds., PDF version)の電子出版(20177)




Summary of Charity Activity for the 2015 Nepal Earthquake Disaster

2015年ゴルカ地震(ネパール)2015 Gorkha Earthquake in Nepal


2018年新年のご挨拶(GIGE会長)New Year Greetings, GIGE President

2017年新年のご挨拶(GIGE会長) New Year Greetings, GIGE President

2016年度GIGE事業報告 Report of GIGE activity in 2016


会長の最近5年間の講演、論文、著作等Adresses, Publications, Books by the GIGE President for the recent 5 years REVISED


学生のヒマラヤ野外実習ツアー参加の高校生、国連協会主催の「第60回国際理解・国際協力のための高校生の主張コンクール」(2013年10月)で、文部科学大臣賞を受賞 (A High school student participated in the 2nd Student Himalayan Geotour got the Minister of Science and Education Prize by her address on international understanding and collaboration


ジオツアー・ジオパーク・地学オリンピック−地学を楽しく (日本地質学会電子出版2013年) の出版Geotours, Geoparks, Geo-Olympic -Enjoy Geosciences (In Japanese, E-book, Geological Society of Japan, 2013)


21世紀地球寒冷化と国際変動予測 吉田勝翻訳 (M. Yoshida & V. Spencer翻訳、丸山茂徳原著)の出版(20154月)

Publication of {Global Cooling in the 21st Century and International Disturbance}(In Japanese) M. Yoshida (Translation) and S. Maruyama (Original author)


ネパールのシニアボランティア2年間(吉田勝・吉田彬著)の出版(20163月)Two Years of Senior Volunteer in Nepal (in Japanese, M. Yoshida and Y. Yoshida, March 2016)


地球温暖化論の問題点 (Comments on global warming theories) REVISED


所長の言いたい放題−環境問題なんでもあり(Presidential essay on various environmental problems, in Japanese) REVISED





ゴンドワナ地質環境研究所関連組織等 GIGE-related ORGANIZATIONS ETC

International Association for Gondwana Research (IAGR)

Gondwana Research (Eslevier site)


国立極地研究所 National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR)


Tectonics Special Research Centre (Western Australia)


Centre for Earth Science Studies (India)

Department of Geology, Tri-Chandra Campus, Tribhuvan University (Nepal)

Nepal Geological Society

Field Science Publishers



 International Geological Correlation Program, UNESCO-IUGS (IGCP)

Geoparks, UNESCO

The Gondwana Map Project (IGCP-628)

Continental construction of the Altaids (Central Asian Orogenic Belt) compared to actualistic examples from the Western Pacific (IGCP-592

Geological Anatomy of East and South East Asia (IGCP-516)http://www.iugs.org/iugs/support/dot_clea.gif
Neoproterozoic Ice Ages (IGCP-512)
Palaeoproterozoic Supercontinents and Global Evolution (IGCP-509)

Ordovician Palaeogeography and Palaeoclimate (IGCP-503)

Neoproterozoic-Early Palaeozoic Events in SW Gondwana (IGCP-478)

Evolution of Western Gondwana during the Late Palaeozoic (IGCP-471)

The Neoproterozoic Pan-African Belt of Central Africa (IGCP-470)

Rodinia Assembly and Breakup (IGCP-440) 

Proterozoic Events in East Gondwana (IGCP-368)

Gondwana Alive Project



IAGR Annual Congention 2019 and 16th International Conference on Gondwana to Asia, Nov. 2019, Kochi: 1st Circular

International Conference on Geoscience for Society (14-17 March 2019, Dhaka Bangladesh) First Announcement

IAGR Annual Convention 2018 and 15th International Conference on Gondwana to Asia First Circular (24-28 Sept. 2018, Xi’an) Second Circular

Eighth Nepal Geological Congress (NGC−VIII) (Nov. 27−29,2016, Kathmandu)

Geology, Mining, Mineral and Groundwater Resources of the Sub−Saharan Africa: Opportunities and Chanlenges Ahead (11-13 July 2017, Living Stone, Zambia



北海道大学山岳部・山の会 (Academic Alpine Club of Hokkaido, AACH)

日本南極観測隊第十次隊 JARE 10 (Japanese Antarctic Research 10th expedition)

氷河・雪氷圏環境研究舎 Glacier and Cryospheric Environment Research Laboratory


氷河へのお誘い (伏見硯二ホームページ) http://glacierworld.weebly.com/ 


NPO法人 大気イオン地震予測研究会


 鰍ォいすとん Keystone (for climbing investigation)




Nepal Academic Network (ネパール学術ネットワーク)



 (1) 2009年1月号   (2). 3月号






大阪市立大学山岳会 (Osaka City University Alpine Club)


 北海道大学関西エルム会 Hokkaido University Kansai Elm-kai 


北海道大学関西同窓会 (Hokkaido University Kansai Asumuni)